Press articles on the NHS and my encounter with Boris Johnson

Despite Boris Johnson’s assertions to the contrary, my confrontation at Whipps Cross Hospital with him took place in front of the national media. Here are some especially interesting articles following that event, including some from patients and staff of Whipps Cross supporting me. You can also read my Guardian article launching Rebuild Our Health Service here.

The harsh reality of underfunding at my hospital? Swept away for Johnson visit” – Matthew Weaver, The Guardian

The Tory neglect of Whipps Cross hospital left me suffering without morphine and trapped in bed” – James Moore, Independent

Staff at Whipps Cross hospital: ‘Our goodwill is running dry‘” – Denis Campbell, The Guardian

Boris Johnson and Omar Salem put anti-democratic trolls to shame” – Editorial, The Scotsman

One casualty of Boris’s hospital row was debate” – Sophy Ridge, Metro

It shouldn’t be left to people like Omar Salem to question Johnson – it should be the job of MPs like meAlison McGovern MP, Independent

What does, and doesn’t, matter about the father who confronted Boris Johnson in a hospital” – Stephen Bush, The New Statesman

FactCheck Q&A: what did Boris Johnson mean when he said there were ‘no press’ at his hospital visit?” – Patrick Worrall, Channel 4 News

The Tories are learning that Boris Johnson is electoral Marmite” – Gaby Hinsliff, The Guardian

Why we need to hear the phrase “I don’t know” much more in a world of instant online opinions” – Amelia Tait, The New Statesman

What Boris Johnson should have said to Omar Salem” – Caron Lindsay, Liberal Democrat Voice

I am not a real person”: why the media’s search for authenticity is screwing everything up” – Jonn Elledge, The New Statesman

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